Community Vision

Our vision for the young adult community is to empower and equip the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to thrive personally and contribute meaningfully to society. Together, we create a vibrant, diverse, and forward-thinking community that inspires, supports, and uplifts its members.

  • We are committed to helping young adults discover their passions and purpose. We believe in fostering an environment where dreams can take root, thrive, and become reality.

  • We are committed to building strong networks of support, mentorship, and collaboration. We want our members to find guidance, friendship, and a sense of belonging within our community.

  • We foster an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of new ideas. We believe in the power of young adults to drive positive change through their ventures and innovations.

Life Solutions Journey

  • Faith (Christian)

    Everyone's faith journey is unique. Be open to evolving and adapting your experience as your faith deepens and grows. Faith is a deeply personal and spiritual experience that can lead to a more profound connection with God.

  • Finance ( Wealth)

    Create the healthy and sustainable relationship money without the fear of failure. Embrace this journey with curiosity and a commitment to learning. It's an opportunity to gain financial literacy, understand investments, and master budgeting.

  • Relationship ( Family)

    As you journey through life, let's cherish our families—the ones we are born into and the ones we create. Let us nurture these precious connections, prioritizing moments of togetherness, forgiveness, and gratitude.

About the community

Life Solutions 4 Young Adults: You have questions we have answers! Engaging with likeminded young adults and professionals to help you explore best practices in finance, faith, relationships, fitness goals without the fear of failure.

Life Solutions 4U Young Adult Community

  • $25.00 / month

Virtual Community (Annual Membership)

Your membership includes:

  • Private Interactive Virtual Community

    ~ Virtual Access to likeminded Young Adults, Coaches & Professionals ~Live Zoom Sessions ~Interactive Conversations & Connections groups ~Life Solutions Talks for everyday life events and obstacles

  • Private Community Database 24/7 Access

    ~Live Sessions & Replays: Answers to the questions on life as it pertains to money, relationships, and faith for balancing adulthood ~Digital Resources and group coaching series on highlighted topics

  • Faith Based Community

    ~A journey of faith that can shape your identity, guide your decisions, and illuminate your path with prayer line and Friday Night in the Word.

We grow together

Bonding as young adults is an exhilarating and transformative experience. It's a time of forging connections, creating lasting memories, and building the foundations of lifelong friendships.

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Community Leaders

Coaches | Professionals | Experts

Their collective efforts, dedication, and commitment to excellence shape a thriving community where young adults can flourish and find inspiration to succeed.


“This coaching program is amazing!!! Our young adults need guidance as they continue to work towards their future. Mrs. Taylor is providing a variety of resources, topics and leadership to the community that will be so beneficial to all who participate. I had the opportunity to speak to a group about network marketing. Many of the students had never been introduced to this way of building wealth. They were eager to find out more, and I look forward to sharing with them in the near future.”

Sandy W.

“Tanisha Taylor Coaching has dedicated herself to providing life skills to young adults far beyond what they would receive in grade school and in many cases at home. I so wish I had an opportunity as a young adult to acquire additional skills in the area of financial literacy, nutrition, decision making, etc....Kudos for providing our young adults with crucial keys to a better life.”

Donita H.

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